How to choose the right Rhododendron

Choosing the right Rhododendron for your specific needs with the help of botanical and horticultural terms
Rosina T. Schmidt 

The Botanical Code is the classification of all plants, past, present and future. When purchasing a plant the labels do identify besides the name of the plant also the hardiness zone, and the flowering season, as per the codes below.

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Rhododendron Name

Approximate height
in 10 years

Climate Hardiness

Quality Rating

Flowering Season
On BC’s West Coast  


If Latin name,
it is a Species

Hybrids have a non Latin name

30 inches – 72 cm

1 foot – 30 cm

3 feet – 90 cm

5 feet – 150 cm

6 feet – 180 cm

5 F   = -15 C

-5 F = -20 C

-10 F = -23 C

-15 F = -26 C

-20 F = -28 C



Numbers go from 1 (poorest)

to 5 (best)


VE – January, February, to March 15th.

E – March 15th to April 15th.

EM – April 15th to May 1st.

M – May 1st to June 1st

L – June 1st to June 15th.

VL – June 15th through August.




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