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March 2023 –

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Azaleas, Camellias & Rhododendrons

All about Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons 1.01 Ortho Books  
Wild Rhododendrons of Bhutan 1.01 Bebecca Pradham  
Cox’s Guide to Choosing Rhododendrons 1.02 Peter Cox & Kenneth Cox  
Encyclopaedia of Rhododendron Hybrids 1.03 Peter Cox and Kenneth Cox  
Encyclopaedia of Rhododendron Species 1.04 Peter Cox and Kenneth Cox  
Greer’s Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons 1.05 Harold E. Greer, published in 1982  
Greer’s Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons 3rd Edition 1.06 Harold E. Greer, published in 1995
Larger Rhododendron Species 1.07 Peter Cox  
Rhododendron Portraits 1.08 Van Gelderen, van Hoey, Smith  
Rhododendron Story 1.09 Cynthia Postan  
Rhododendrons 1.10 Peter Cox, Royal Horti. Society  
Rhododendrons Hybrids 1.11 Homer Salley and Harold Greer  
Rhododendrons on a Western Shore 1.12 Alex McCarter (ed)  
Smaller Rhododendrons 1.13 Peter A. Cox  
Success with Rhododendrons and Azaleas 1.14 Reiley  
Vireya Rhododendrons 1.15 J. Clyde Smith  
The Book of Rhododendrons 1.16 Marianna Kneller  
Rhododendron fundamentals 1.18 Mary Palmer  
Vireyas, A Practical Gardening Guide 1.19 John Kenyon  
Rhododendrons Varieties and Locations 1.20 Harry Wright  
Rhododendrons in the Landscape 1.21 Sonya Nelson    
Rhododendrons of China 1.22 ARS & Rhododendron Species Foundation
American Rhododendrons 1.22b Chris Fairweather  
Rhododendrons and Azaleas for your garden 1.22b Towes  
Public Coast Rhododendron Story 1.23 Sonja Nelson  
International Rhododendron Register 1.24a&b Alan Leslie  
Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges (Frank Kingdom Ward) 1.25 Kenneth Cox (editor)
A Resplendence of Rhododendrons 1.27 Alec McCarter & James Fuller (Editors)  
Rhododendrons of Milner Gardens and Woodland 1.28 Kristi Ozero
Georg Forrest Plant Hunter 1.29 Brenda McLean  
Rhododendron Hybrids 1.30 Homer Sally & Harold Greer  
Rhododendrons of Nepal 1.31 Rene de Milleville  
Rhododendrons in Horticultureal Service 1.32 George Argent  
Pocket Guide to Rhododendron Species 1.33 H. H. Davilian  
Rhododendron Species A Care Manual 1.33b Cox  
Hybrids and Hybridizers 1.33c Multiple  
  General Gardening    
Annual Flowers for Canada; Flowering Bulbs for Canada. 2.10 Agriculture Canada
Better Vegetables Gardens the Chinese Way 2.02 Peter Chan  
Care of Foliage Plants 2.03 Agriculture Canada  
Colour in the Winter Garden 2.05 Graham Stuart Thomas  
Companion Planting and Intensive Cultivation 2.06 Nancy Lee Mafia & Organic Gardening  
Easy Ways to a Beautiful Garden 2.07 Ruth Gannon  
Encyclopaedia of Ornamental Grasses 2.08 Michael Freidman  
Ferns for Home and Garden 2.10 Agriculture Canada  
Garden Design 2.11    
Green Plants for Gray Days 2.12 Martha Stuckey & E. Hoffman-Biskar  
Hillier Guide to Connoisseur’s Plants 2.13 Alan Toogood  
J. Ball’s 60 Minute Garden 2.14 Jeff Ball  
Lawns, Ground Covers & Vines 2.15 Better Homes and Gardens  
New Western Garden Book 2.16 Sunset  
Propagator’s Handbook 2.17 Peter Thompson  
Encyclopaedia of Garden Pants and Flowers 2.18 Reader’s Digest  
The Scented Garden 2.19 D. Squire  
Successful Organic Gardening-Perennials 2.20 Russell  
Word of Magnolias 2.21 D. Callaway  
Gardener’s Guide to Hellebores 2.22 G. Rice E. Strangeman  
Gardener’s Guide to Hostas 2.23 Diana Grenfell  
The Gardening Year 2.24 Galley Press  
What Plant Where 2.25 Ray Lancaster  
Cyclamen 2.26 Christopher Grey-Wilson  
Primula 2.27 John Richards  
Trilliums 2.28 Frederick W. Case & Roberta Ca  
Hydrangeas 2.28b P. Greenfield  
Pocket Gardening, Gardening in impossible Places 2.29 Marjorie Harris
Herbs in Bloom 2.30 Jo Ann Gardner  
Dahlias 2.31 Gareth Rowlands  
The New Flower Expert 2.32 Dr. D. G. Hassayon  
Daylilies for the Garden 2.33 Graeme Grosvenor  
Kaimia, Mtn. Laurel & related species 2.34 Richard A. Jaynes  
New Illustrated Guide to Gardening in Canada 2.35 Readers Digest  
The Explorers Garden 2.36 Daniel J. Hinkley    
Colour by Colour Plant Directory 2.37 Lucy Hintington  
Time Tested Plants 2.38 Pamela J. Harper  
Non-Stop Containers 2.39 Graham Strong  
The Bed and Border Planter 2.40 John Walker  
Growing and Displaying Orchards 2.41 Rittershausen, Oakey & Sutherland  
Western Mushrooms 2.42 J. E. Underhill  
 Wild Berries of the Pacific North West 2.43 J. E. Underhill  
Handy Guide to Heathers 2.44 Heather Society 3rd Edition  
Garden Voices 2.45 Edwinna von Baeyer/P. Crawford  
The Himalayan Garden 2.46 Jim Jerymyn  
Butterfly Gardening 2.47 Thomas C. Emmel, Ph.D.  
Handbook for Pesticide Applicators & Dispensers 2.48 BC Ministry of Environment
Easy-Care Gardening 2.49 Sunset Books  
All about Ground Covers 2.50 Ortho Books  
Hedges, Screens and Espaliers 2.51 Susan Chamberlin  
The Nature and Properties of Soils, 8th Edition 2.52 Nyle C. Brady  
Pruning 2.53 Mark Cullen  
Exotic Forest Insect Guide Book 2.53a Troy Kimoto and Marnie Duthie-Holt  
Exotic Forest Guide Book 2.53b Marc Cullen  
Organic Garden 2.53c Sunset  
Perennials 2.54 Time Life  
Tree Book 2.54b    
Elementary Plant Propagation 2.55 University of Guelph  
Aroids 2.56 Dan Brown  
Insets in the Garden 2.57 Eric Grissell  
Greenhouse Growing 2.58 Ball Redbook  
UBC Guide to Gardening 2.58b UBC    
In Veronica’s Garden 2.59 Margaret Cadwalader  
Great Garden Formulas 2.60 Joan Benjamin  
The Grower’s Guide to Lavender 2.61 Virginia McNaughton  
Encyclopedia of Container Plants 2.61b Vermeulen Nico  
The Rose Expert 2.61c D. G. Hession  
The Water Garden 2.61d Philip Swindels  
Flora. 20,000 plants, their cultivation requirements & CD 2.62 Wendy Thomas, editor
Gardens of Great Britain 2.63 Peter Coats  
The Complete Wit and Wisdom of Norman Todd 2.64 The Victorian Rhododendron Society
Fragrant Garden 2.65 Jane Taylor  
The Public Rhododendrons of Vancouver Island 2.66 Ian Efford
A Garden for life 2.70 Judith Walker  
A Curious Life 2.71 Katherine Gordon  
“A Garden in Time”: Rhododendrons and the expression of legacy.     2.72 Andrew Drown
The Eighth Wonder of the World – Exbury Gardens and the Rothschilds.   2.73 Lionel de Rothschild
Deck & Landscaping Plants 3.01 Practical Homeowner  
Landscaping Plant Materials for Georgia 3.02 Univ. of Georgia  
Landscaping for Outdoor Living 3.03 Better Homes and Gardens  
Landscaping the Home in Southern BC 3.04 Agriculture Canada  
Ornamental Ponds 3.05 Thom, Gerald / Edmundson, Gordon  
Planting Your Home Landscape 3.06 Univ. Of Georgia  
All About Landscaping 3.07 L. Cotton  
Garden Design 3.08 Kenneth Midgley  
Landscape Plants in Design 3.09 E. C. Martin Jr.  
Landscaping with Bedding Plants 3.70 University of Geulph  
UBC Botanical Garden 3.11 University of BC  
  Shrubs & Trees    
Foliage 4.01 Anna Pavord  
Growing Trees in Canadian Gardens 4.02 Agriculture Canada  
Maples of the World 4.03 Van Gelderen, DeJong,Oberdoom  
Ornamental Garden Shrubs 4.04 Hellyer  
Trees and Shrubs for Costal BC 4.05 John & Carol Grant  
Plants that Merit Attention (Trees) 4.07 Janet Poor  
Plants that Merit Attention (Shrubs) 4.08 J. Poor, N. Brewster  
Native Trees of Canada 4.09 R. C. Howie  
Agriculture, 2nd Edition 4.10 Richard W. Harris  
Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs 4.12 Michael Dirr  
Conifers for Your Garden 4.12 Adrian Bloom  
The Trees and Shrubs Expert 4.13 D. G. Hessayon  
Winter Flowering Shrubs 4.13a Michael W. Buffin  
Wild Flowers    
Wild flowers of field & slope in the Pacific NW 5.01 Lewis Clark
Wild Flowers of Forest & Woodland in Pacific NW 5.02 Lewis Clark  
Wild Flowers of Marsh Waterway in the Pacific NW 5.03 Lewis Clark
Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest 5.04 E&G Robinson  
Attracting Backyard Wildlife 5.06 Bill Merilees    
Wild Flowers of the Pacific North West, 3rd Edition 5.06 Lewis Clark, edited by J. Trelawny  
A Garden of Wildflowers 5.07 Henry Art  
The Nature of Nanaimo 5.08 Charles Thirkill  
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Story of a UK Garden 6.01  
The Glory of the Garden, Exbury Gardens 6.02    
The Rhododendron Species Foundation 1998 6.03    
Native Plants in the Coastal Garden 6.04 April Pettinger  
Planning Your Garden 6.05  Anne de Verteuil  
Rhododendron Species Foundation 2016 6.06 Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden
Rhododendron Species Foundation 2021 6.07 Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden
Identifying Turf Grasses 6.04a University of Guelph  
Small Gardens 6.04b Peter McHoy  
Annuals for Instant Colour 6.05a Richard Bird  
My Natural History 6.06a Liz Primeau  
Escape, 1999 Flower and Garden Show 6.05b    
The Rhododendron Leaf 6.06b    
Flora 6.07a Firefly  
On Gardening 6.07b Gertrude Jekyll  
100 Best Plants for the Coastal Garden 6.08 Steve Whysall  
Climbing Roses 6.09 Andrew Mikolajski  
The Urban Gardener 6.10 Sonia Day  

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