Rhododendron Caring Schedule

Year-round caring schedule for Rhododendrons

Rosina Schmidt

 October: Best time to plant Rhododendrons. Fall planting results in a better root system. Soil mixture: ½ of ground bark, ½ of existing soil. Water in Nematodes. Fall fertilizing around the drip line with 2-10-10 fertilizer.

November: Enjoy the foliage.

December: Apply dolomite lime around the plant.

January: This month is the best time to move a Rhododendron.

February: Time to fertilize with 6-7-5. Using one handful per foot of the height of the plant and sprinkling it around the drip line.

March: Enjoy the first blooms.

April: Enjoy the blooms.

May: Enjoy the blooms. Dead heading. Cut just below the last set of leaves that the plant has produced, which is just under the spent flower. It will make a bushier plant. 

June:   Fertilize with 6-7-5 and prune. Continue deadheading. Tip pruning and pinching off the new growth if needed. Hard prune where necessary.

July: Still OK to prune. Replenish mulch. Budding begins.

August: Eradicate weevils with poisons using a ‘tree and shrub insect control’.

September: Eradicate weevils organically by watering in Nematodes.

“Identifying, Treating and Avoiding Azalea and Rhododendron Problems” by WSU.EDU for downloading:







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